Text from the zine:

“We can no longer simply protest to demonstrate our rage; decades of activism have come to the point of an impasse. To fight for single issues without addressing the state and capitalism in its entirety will not be able to make the transformations we wish to see possible. Politics turns our lived experiences into useless abstractions and uses those abstractions to fuel meaningless ideological battles. It is time to bow out of the theater of politics.

Instead, we must insist on the struggle for the satisfaction of immediate needs and desires. In other words, the seizing of buildings for shelter, the organized looting of sustenance for our bodies and minds, and the cultivation of new ways of living and providing for one an-
other so as to sustain our attack against the structures that impoverish our lives. At this moment, in relation to the horizon of the gradual generalization of building occupations, we must pose a question: what would it mean to begin a broader project of expropriation?”

The DIY Occupation Guide pdf