Text from the zine:

“Within miles from birth centers and yoga studios, stand the extreme manifestations of dominance and forced subservience. United States prisons and jails are currently housing more than 170,000 mothers. 1 Approximately 2,000 babies are born to mothers in prison each year. 2 Behind prison walls, brilliant mothers and mothers-to-be are subdued through capitalist domination, discrimination, humiliation, forced servitude, and conditions utterly non-conducive to human survival – let alone healthy pregnancies – that would induce nightmares and post-traumatic stress within the psyches of any midwife. Since the conception of panopticon societies, pregnant mothers have been tortured, starved, murdered, torn from their child, and outright abused. To be a midwife is not merely to advocate for white women in the leftist co-op scene; a true midwife advocates for birth everywhere, especially where true care is most lacking. A true midwife seeks the absolute annihilation of all forms of anti-life* that restrict the beautiful act of birth.”

Birth and The Prison Industrial Complex pdf