Anti-Social Anarchy: A Short Response to Ausonia Calabrese’s “Against Individualism”

From back cover:

A lot of the current commies have lost faith in the Gospel of Marx and its promise of predestined communism (of course, no anarchist-­communist ever put faith in this pious promise, right?). But even those who conceived “communization” – the idea of communism as an ongoing movement toward community – don’t get away from this goal, because communization is still supposed to be a movement toward that universal (and so, permanent) human community.

And what is permanent and universal is anti­-individual, anti­-me, my enemy. Whether they claim to be anarchist or not, anyone who proclaims himself to be an anti­-individualist is my enemy.

Anti Social Anarchy pdf

My Iconoclastic Individualism

From back cover:

“But when we are condemned to hear socialists more or less theorizing in order to impudently and ignorantly state that there is no incompatibility between Individualist and collectivist ideas…when we hear someone try to make an invincible and unsurpassable iconoclast like Max Stirner out to be some tool for the use of frantic proponents of communism, then we may certainly have an ironic smirk on our lips. But then it is necessary to resolutely rise up to defend ourselves and to attack, since anyone who feels that he is truly individualist in principle, means and ends cannot tolerate being at all confused with the unconscious mobs of a morbid, bleating flock.”

My Iconoclastic Individualism pdf