Capitalism Plus Dope Equals Genocide

Essay written by Black Panther Michael Tabor RIP.

Text from the zine:

“Drug addiction in the colonized ghettos of America has constituted a major problem for over 15 years. Its use is so widespread that it can -without fear of exaggeration – be termed a “plague”. It has reached epidemic proportions, and it is still growing. But it has only been within the last few years that the racist US government has considered drug addiction “a matter of grave concern”. It is interesting to note that this growing concern on the part of the government is proportionate to the spread of the plague into the inner sanctums of the White middle and upper-class communities. As long as the plague was confined to the ghetto, the government did not see fit to deem it a problem. But as soon as college professors, demagogic politicians, money-crazed finance capitalists and industrialists discovered that their own sons and daughters had fallen victim to the plague, a virtual “state of national emergency” was declared. This is significant, for it provides us with a clue to the understanding of the plague as it relates to Black people.”

Capitalism Plus Dope Equals Genocide pdf

Confronting a Silent Assassin: Intoxication Culture in Resistance Movements

From back:

“From an anarchist perspective, intoxication remains a source of contention. Many radical anti-capitalist anti-statists remain unaware of the ways intoxicants, stimulants, and depressants have been deployed by ruling classes throughout history as mechanisms for diminishing the self-defense capacities of industrial and agricultural workers, peasants,and slaves. Sadly, many radicals – especially in the USA –see the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs as an authentic and valuable aspect of working class (but not necessarily oppositional) culture. From an individualist perspective, the issue is further fraught with contention due to the peer pressure and unspoken assumptions of subcultural conformism that inhere in their consumption. And adding an extra dimension to the conversation is an anti-civ perspective, where we must acknowledge their reliance on industrialized production and distribution.

Confronting A Silent Assassin_Intoxication Culture in Resistance Movements pdf