Celling Black Bodies: Black Women in the Global Prison Industrial Complex

“Since the early 1990s, increases in the prison population in England and Wales have sparked a boom in prison construction, leading commentators to comment on ‘the largest prison building program since the middle of the 19th century’ (Morgan, 1999: 110). While women make up a small proportion of those incarcerated, their rates of imprisonment have multiplied faster than men’s, causing feminist activists to call for drastic measures to counter ‘the crisis in women’s prisons’. 4 Between 1985 and 1998, for example, the number of women in prison more than doubled, from 1,532 to 3,260 (Prison Reform Trust, 2000). The prison service has responded by contracting with private corporations to built and operate new prisons, and by rerolling men’s prisons for women. Recent government initiatives designed to slow the increase in the use of incarceration, such as Home Detention Curfews, have had little impact on the number of women sentenced to prison which continued to grow during the year to 2001 by 9%, compared to 2% for men.”

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Defiant Hearts: Birth and The Prison Industrial Complex

Text from the zine:

“Within miles from birth centers and yoga studios, stand the extreme manifestations of dominance and forced subservience. United States prisons and jails are currently housing more than 170,000 mothers. 1 Approximately 2,000 babies are born to mothers in prison each year. 2 Behind prison walls, brilliant mothers and mothers-to-be are subdued through capitalist domination, discrimination, humiliation, forced servitude, and conditions utterly non-conducive to human survival – let alone healthy pregnancies – that would induce nightmares and post-traumatic stress within the psyches of any midwife. Since the conception of panopticon societies, pregnant mothers have been tortured, starved, murdered, torn from their child, and outright abused. To be a midwife is not merely to advocate for white women in the leftist co-op scene; a true midwife advocates for birth everywhere, especially where true care is most lacking. A true midwife seeks the absolute annihilation of all forms of anti-life* that restrict the beautiful act of birth.”

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