How To Form an Affinity Group

Another excellent zine on affinity groups, what they are and how to form one.

How To Form an Affinity Group pdf

Resist the Grand Juries: Fight The Green Scare

resist_the_grand_juries pdf

Security Culture: a handbook for activists

Text from the zine:

“This handbook (created in 2001) is the third edition of what we has been an evolving and growing document dealing with security issues and canadian activism. We would like to say a big thanks to the Collective Opposing Police Brutality in Montreal for editing some of the text of the original pamphlet and adding so many great examples to the Informants and Infiltrators section. We have replicated many of their changes in this edition.Thanks also goes out to Eric Drooker whose artwork we used throughout this pamphlet.”

security_culture_handbook pdf

Tech Tools for Activism

Text from the zine:

Slightly out-of-date but excellent reference point for computer security and activity.

tech_tools_for_activism pdf

Together: Booklet to Form Affinity Groups

Booklet that discusses affinity groups. Put together by anarchists in Germany.

Together Booklet on Forming Affinity Groups pdf