Text from the zine:

“The following texts, drawn out from the vast ocean of information about occupied Palestine, do not constitute an attempt to represent “Anarchists Against the Wall” the political entity, but rather the small-scale, particular contexts and realities in which it operates. And yet we hope that in shedding light on the latter, a great deal about the nature of the former will also shine through.”

“First and foremost, Anarchists Against the Wall is a banner under which actions are made that are diametrically opposed, not only to the occupation, but also to its root causes; to the personal perspectives and political systems within Israel that sustain it, military and civilian. AAtW sweats off the excess weight of thick, heavy ideological frames by making practice its center of gravity. This is not to imply that principled, theoretical analyses are not needed, of course we certainly encourage applying them to deconstruct Zionist Apartheid myths; however, at this time, the individuals comprising AAtW would rather apply tugging ropes, bolt-cutters and ten-pound hammers to deconstruct Israel’s Wall and express their disagreement with IDF roadblocks.”

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